The Blessing Way

The Blessing Way ritual is inspired by American Indian traditions, in which family and tribe bless any significant endeavour. This ritual was a way to ceremonially mark significant transitions in life, in a spiritual and meaningful way.

The Blessing Way is a way for a pregnant woman and the significant women in her life to mark and celebrate her transition into motherhood. Unlike a Baby Shower, which is more baby and gift focused, the Blessing Way is a sacred gathering centred upon the pregnant woman, giving her focused nourishing attention and support. And it can be a lot of fun too especially when the birth is only a month away. I have found that everyone who participates in the Blessing Way celebration enjoys the depth and meaning inherent in the activities we share.

She may invite anywhere from 4 or 20 women. Because it is a sacred ritual, it’s important that she trusts and feels close to the people present. She may invite women she admires, women who already have been through the birthing journey that she feels she can gain strength and encouragement. She can choose those women who love and support her, and share in her excitement for the birth.

What we do at a Blessing Way?

Invites are sent out 2 months prior to the date of the Blessing Way which would be performed one month before the due date of birth. On the day we make the pregnant woman a relaxing throne to sit on, depending on the weather either in the garden or on the patio or in another large room. We place a garland of fresh flowers on her crown as a symbol of her importance in this gathering. Light the Waiting Candle then w continue to pamper the pregnant women with a foot soak in warm water with peppermint essential oils, followed by a gentle foot scrub. While she is soaking we share stories and enjoy a drink of tea or something special.

A keepsake Birthing Book is shared amongst the women to write their personal Blessing for the pregnant woman followed by a guessing game of chosen names, date of the birth and sex of the child. Which is always fun and a great talking point.

Each participant would have bought with them a bead to add to the birthing necklace which they will place on a thin leather piece for the necklace. This is placed on the pregnant women which she can keep and wear during her labour to remind her of the support and encouragement offered by her close friends and family members..

Once everyone has finished writing their blessings and predictions for the birth in the special birthing book and her feet are dried, one by one, we sprinkle rose petals on her belly and give her a one- on- one blessing. From start to finish this make take a couple of hours after which we finish the ritual with a Blessing Cake and shared food and more drink. Plus many group photos of course a few of her belly!

  • The Blessing Way is a way for a pregnant woman and her close
  • friends to mark and celebrate her transition into motherhood.
Caroline Higgins
Civil Celebrant
Office. Northcote, Victoria.