Ezio and Meagan – Allanvale Lorne

We found Caroline by chance through some interesting keywords on Google! We were incredibly lucky that she was able to do our wedding in 6 weeks time! She really provoked us to think about our values within the ceremony in a creative and deep way. She was extremely flexible, patient and kept us moving when we got preoccupied.
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Elena & Andrew – Meadowbank

EVERYBODY said the ceremony was one of the best they’ve witnessed. It was totally us and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Maximum respect to you! Just wanted to thank you for Marrying us.. alot of people said they got quite emotional during the ceremony and that is was very “us” which is great.
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Neil & Bronwen – Melbourne

Neil and I were extremely happy with the way the whole ceremony went. As you know we didn’t know exactly what we wanted to say initially (more the type of ceremony we didn’t want to have!) but through our couple of meetings with you between the three of us we managed to get an order
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Nicola & Ben – Lorne

Hi Caroline A big thankyou for a great ceremony. We had lots of feedback about you and our guests thought you were excellent (a few people said the best celebrant ever!!) Just as importantly we thought you were excellent too and really appreciated your relaxed and flexible approach to the ceremony and vows. People really
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